Living Room Furniture Guide

Fabric Sofa Care

Fabric sofa could be just what you yearned to have in your living room to get that exotic look which would leave your guests gaping in admiration. The flowing silk drapes, the rich colors on the wall, the striking hand crafted carpet and the glossy floor finish would be perfectly accentuated with your plush and smooth fabric sofa.

But beware with great luxury comes great responsibility. Possessing a fabric sofa licenses you to claim membership to an elite class of aesthetes but the membership fee standards may give you sleepless nights lest you are aware of the dos and don'ts of cashing in on the privilege.

Caring for your prized fabric sofa is an engrossing task that tests your patience and sincerity during the entire tenure of your association with the sofa. A slight slip of your coffee mug, a loitering speck of dust from your lighted cigar, a wayward drop of your "pina colada" or a jerk of your glass of "screwdriver" could mar the impeccable canvas of your fabric sofa.

Buying a fabric sofa comes along with the pre requisite activity of rushing to a nearby mall and stocking up your bag with cleaners, brushes, towels, covers, etc. Being prepared is half the job done!

Position the sofa right!

It is essential to place the sofa at least 0.5 - 1 cm distance part from the walls. There should be breathing space for the furniture, do not push it to the walls and make it feel shunned to the corner. You certainly wouldn't want its beautiful color to be doused with peeling wall paint or have its exterior pricked by a chance misalignment of the sharp wall hanging.

Remember to never place your fabric sofa in a place flooded by ample sunshine. Shady areas and positions well screened by heavy drapes or translucent curtains are ideal for your beloved fabric sofa.

Clean up frequently!

Fabric sofa has its demands. You cannot laze around on it without sprucing it up regularly. Time sure has its constraints on everyone's schedule but fabric sofa does require weekly cleaning for maintaining its gorgeously goody- good looks.

A good vacuum cleaner can help you out in your task. Start with the fleshy arm rests, hard to reach crannies; move on to cruise- over back rests; stop by at pillows and cushions; wrap up with the legs and base.

Do not stress or upset the neatly woven fibers of the fabric by using a strong suction brush. Select the mildest setting of the pump. You could comfortably prefer a static charged brush to vacuum pump. The static brush would smoothly pull apart the hidden dust particles.

A cleaning solutions kit is very necessary to effectively remove the ugly stains that may have cropped up on your fabric sofa's body! Never use harsh chemicals which are either acidic or basic in nature. Always choose neutral cleaning fluids.

Dab with a soft cotton wool on the sofa and wipe in gentle circular motions to remove any spot present on it. You may even lightly spray the cleaner and wipe off. Ensure to dry off the fabric after using any liquid cleaner.

Fabric sofas are very soft and delicate. Keep changing sitting positions to maintain their firm shape. Any loose threads or fibers may be neatly and carefully snipped off to safeguard the fabric from damage.

Lastly depending on the kind of your fabric sofa, do pad it up and maintain the uniform distribution of its density.

Enjoy your exquisite fabric sofa and flaunt it to the world for years to come without losing its glorious luster and amazing sheen.