Living Room Furniture Guide

Fabric vs. Leather vs. Microfiber Sofas

The very mention of the word "sofa" ushers in the comfy cushy picture of a grand seat with fluffy cushions, alluring colors, soft touch of smooth fabric, sleek look of elegant leather; lustrous sheen of metal and down to earth reflections on wood. The feathers inside, foam tucked within, fiber and foam wrapped in together or pure fiber; the secret filling is directly influenced by your tastes and sophistication.

The array of materials available to choose from is unnerving for every innocuous sofa shopper! With the rapid advancements in technology and lightning fast revolutions in existing standards of materials, one is forever bugged with the million dollar question- "Fabric or leather or microfiber???"

For the socialites and those who tip on the extravagant scale of lifestyle, fabric is a matter of taste and class for them. Plush velvet sofas and sleek suede coaches make their hearts go boom- boom! Nowadays fibers come in a curious mix of strengths and textures.  Luxurious velvets attract the eye of one and all. It is a soft material that has the potential to last long with proper care.

Caring for velvet requires sincerity. Velvet responds well to water, neutral soaps and mild detergents. A trick to maintaining velvet is using a fine brush to groom the velvet in the direction of nap, when it is wet. It is very important to groom it again after it dries up in the other direction so that the velvet fibers stand up and separate.

Suede is another likeable fabric to opt for in sofas. However regular suede is high maintenance and easily prone to stains and spots. A tip for cleaning suede is using a brown eraser and vinegar. Not pink, white just stick to brown.

Leather is a timeless classic choice for sofa material. It is revered for its durability and known for its cold comfort. An ideal choice in warm climates! However, it is highly susceptible to scratches and holes. You need to strictly remember to not flop upon the leather sofa with sharp pens and pointed keys in your back pocket. It is very difficult to repair torn or holed leather.

Smokers beware lest the ash from your cigarette burns through your prized leather sofa. On the whole, leather is very easy to maintain. A soft damp cloth would wipe off the grime and dust off the sleek surface. A leather polish even accentuates the luster. If your house is teeming with over-active kids and curious pets then you got extra work to do.

You have to protect your sofa set from clawing kids, biting pets and scratching toddlers. Not an ideal choice under these circumstances! Bi- cast or faux leather is a cheap alternative to real leather as it is chemically made by using split leather and polyethylene. Though it is easy to clean; it is not that durable and has a strong chemical smell to its name.

Microfiber is the renovation of modern days, a highly stain resistant material that will withstand the worst hitting from your kids and deadliest scratches of your pets. Stain resistance doesn't imply it being stain- proof. So one needs to clean the spots as soon as possible!

The tight knit weave of microfiber causes liquids to bead rather than seep through. However, too much water should not be used to clean microfiber as even if it beads; too much water causes water log in the furniture.

Thus the eternal competition among leather, fabric and microfiber ensues on and on. The winner to go home with you is a matter of personal choice.