Dining Room Furniture Guide

Feng Shui Dining Room

Is your dining table littered with your office project documents? Do you rarely use your dining room as your teenage daughter prefers her dinner upstairs, your wife is glued to the idiot box and you rarely return from office in time for dinner! Are your family relationships strained? Do you rarely spend quality family time?

Down the time line has your dining table turned into a bland shelf for your pots and pans or bundles of sundry bills? All those lofty ideals that proclaimed that "A family that eats together stays together!" have gone down the drain. You are clueless about the unintended digression which triggered a deterioration of the dining culture.

The elemental science called "Feng Shui" could save you from this turmoil.  The metaphysics behind the basic five elements claims that air, water, fire, earth and spirit around us have a major impact on our mental psyche and life as a whole. Meals form a very integral part in the lifestyle of a person.

Just like what we eat shows on our body, similarly how we eat shows on our mind. Here are some pointers from the doctrine book of Feng Shui to wade thorough the bugging problems that mar happy dining and its cascading impact on our lives.


Ideally dining room should be in east, south-east, west and north-west of the center of the home. Avoid north-east. Two doors to promote flow of "chi" (life energy) are preferred but not in line on walls directly opposite to each other, otherwise energy would dissipate too soon. For smooth digestion, dining space should be peaceful and calm. It shouldn't be too close to main door else unnecessary interferences shall disturb one while eating and subsequent digestion. Use a screen to avoid this situation.


Warm, soothing earthy tones like soft yellow, peach and beige are ideal. Keep the hues as natural as feasible. Mix and match with pinks, sky blue, off-white and cream to create attractive combinations.


A dim lighting creates a perfect aura for dinner. Sufficient light centered over the table to highlight eatables is appreciable. Overhead light and natural light streaming through windows is good. Keep options flexible like dim lighting during romantic dinners, bright for parties and normal for daily usage.  A crystal chandelier strictly centered over the dining table balances "chi" and corrects eating disorders of inmates.


A mirror reflecting the dining table can double up food and wealth of household. Remember to clear up the clutter on table else it will enhance the workload and mess too. You may even position the mirror in a way that it reflects a serene view or artistic picture to spread an impression of joy and tranquility. Try using a table cloth instead of individual mats as it instills " closeness." 

Arrangement & furniture

Cramped and congested dining space creates pressure on one's psychology and strains relationships. Shove out unnecessary extra furniture. Position the dining table in the center of the room leaving equal space on all sides and ample room for each individual to move. Oval, circular and octagonal shaped tables are best.     Old, dark and moldy or damaged and dilapidated furniture is a strict no-no. Easy to clean wood is apt.


If your family is clinging to past trauma sweep away all things of the past from the dining room. Find alternative places to show off family heirlooms. If your meal hours hurried affairs, clear off the calendars and clocks from the place. Keep the room clean to welcome fresh positive energy.

Let your dining room be the gateway to wonderful health and prolific wealth.