Living Room Furniture Guide

Feng Shui Living Room

In Feng Shui, a living room is viewed as a "room of opportunity." Every time an old friend or neighbor knocks on your door, the living room should captivate them at the very outset. It is a place of potential, and is linked to several aspects of life including career and relationships.

A striking main door that leads through a pretty passageway over to a mesmerizing formal living room leaves a lasting impression on the minds of your visiting clientele or amiable relatives and friends.

The Metal and Earth elements of Feng Shui are formal by nature, appealing to all. Build a solid foundation to your living room using these primary elements and expand as your personal flavor sees right.

The basics start from main entrance itself...

The front door of a house is called "the mouth of Chi" in feng shui, as house absorbs essential Chi, or energy through it. When a house has enough good Chi coming in and the flow of Chi is harmonious, the people living in the house experience elevated levels of happiness. In order to soak in the best energy pay attention to the front door!

Living Rooms are family hubs!

It is important to create good and smooth energy flow in the busiest area of house. Check the bagua area(s) of the living room and decorate them using the right feng shui element colors.

Crooks and niches muffle the flow of life energy! Lighting up corners with lamps, or hanging a colorful painting or planting a round leaved plant in pot is an apt remedy!

Mirrors can be used to give the impression of extra space.

However, beware if placed wrongly it may create negative energy; ensure it reflects a pleasing view or nice painting.

Avoid cluttering your living room with excess furniture pieces. Avoid giving your TV or sound system a place of importance; as they emit electromagnetic waves which would hamper the flow of natural life energy.

As feng shui stresses on creating a balance between masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang), placing soft pillows and fresh flowers would boost the yang (feminine energy).

Room‘s layout should be soothing and ideally a round formation of seating should be designed. A guest should ideally sit facing the door.

Some important don'ts are

1) Steer away from crowding, littering or messing up the passageway from the main entrance as that is the mouth of positive energy- chi!! It enters from your front door, so keep its way clear. Let it come and nourish your life.

2) Avoid hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to the main door because it will reflect back the incoming chi and throw it back out!

3) Avoid keeping dried or stagnant flowers; animal hides as showpieces. These things emit strong negative energy and have ill-impact on the health of inmates.

4) A wind-chime with a sweet sound placed or hung in line with the main door such that every time the wind blows in through the door, you get to hear the chiming sound; would promote a positive and relaxing ambiance in the living room.

Lastly, do not be overwhelmed by the endless dos and don'ts; you certainly don't want to be cooped up in a place that goes cling- clang, ding- dong with wind chimes and you have curious gold fishes ogling at you from glass bowls. For all non believers, here is the catch phrase-œno harm in doing a few tweaks here and there for unlocking that unhindered flow of tinkling coins.