Living Room Furniture Guide

Firm vs. Soft Sofas

A Sofa is the crowning glory of a living room. Hours of gossiping, leisurely TV watching experience and rendezvous with guests; all take place on your dear sofa. A sofa's back makes or breaks those good times.

It directly impacts the occupant's shape of spine and back alignment. Thus, benefiting health accordingly! When choosing sofa, there is more to it than just color and fabric. Quality and personal comfort surpasses all.

A firm sofa is ideal for maximum back support. It blends in well with formal ambiance as well as good for long hours of informal gossip. Poor back support can lead to poor blood circulation and poor pressure relief in major parts of body like neck, spine, etc.

A too firm sofa can suck away the comfort of sinking into a sofa. Who would prefer a hard surface hitting on their bums every time they feel like dropping dead on their sofa after a hectic day at office? The original motive behind spending dollars on an exquisite luxurious sofa is lost if you return back with a hard platform bed which feels devoid of any upholstery.

A soft sofa is good if it has strong frame to its credit. If you are planning to buy a sofa bed, too firm sofa may not be a good choice. Go for the thin line in between. A lot of the time, the structure, frames and suspension mechanism of sofa dictate the firmness or softness of a sofa. A sofa with a proper suspension mechanism and inner spring coils can do with a comparatively softer sofa.

A sofa which is going to seat many guests from different walks should be preferably firm rather than a crumbling soft one that breaks off like an oatmeal cookie. You would not find it appealing to have your elderly guests flopping in out of control in your super soft sofa. Let the experience of relaxing on sofa be a completely enjoyable experience for one and all alike.

Feather sofas are the softest sofas available in the market. However, the soft feather sofas require enormous amount of patience for their maintenance. Foam or fiber in foam wraps as fillings constitute most of the sofas in the genre of firm sofas.

Cushions add onto the profile of sofas. Soft cushions team up with a firm sofa for that perfect mix of softness and firmness to revel in. Firm cushions on a soft sofa create a similar balance in the living space.

The choice of the place for your sofa too determines the firmness of your sofa. A piece that you would place in your spacious bedroom can be soft to your liking. It is your domain where you comfortably express your preference without bothering about the critical appreciation. A soft back recliner sofa can tantalize the avid reader in you.

A firm back love seat would be the perfect medical remedy to your spinal problems. You can stay glued to the idiot box for long hours without scary "odd posture" ghosts haunting you. Aged consumers would love a firm support for their wobbly backs.

The ultimate selection of a firm or soft sofa will be the end product of the chemical reactions between various constitutional choices and decisions; and environmental parameters. So, go on catalyze your personalized selection process!!!