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Foreign Accents

Foreign Accents are a company dedicated to production of contemporary rugs. They deliver their rugs to authorised dealers who then sell them to customers. This twenty-seven year old wonder company produces rugs with design and make from all over the world. They travel to places well known for rugs and scour through piles and piles of portfolios submitted by talented artists to find those most talented and most suitable for making the quality of rugs Foreign Accents is known for. The reason Foreign Accents rugs are valued so highly in the market is that they are made with exactly the right composition of materials required to make bright beautiful rugs with a personality of their own−rugs that sell!

For the convenience of their customers, they deliver their rugs, travelling to bring them to your doorstep. They also have an active customer service module that takes every effort to solve your rug issues. They offer a rag-a-tier with quality corner samples from their collections.Their rugs come in all sizes and shapes, with designs suitable for homes, offices, play schools, hospitals and all such environments that could demand the need of one

Broadly classified into eight styles, their rugs are designed to bring beauty and accentuate the ambience of the environment where they are used. While Bistro has a more subtle, official feel to it, Chelsea appeals to the modern young individual in you. Rugamuffins offers designs, shapes and colours designed to please young children and offers Festival for their older counterparts. The vibrancy with which the colours and designs on the Festival rugs jump out at you is amazing. Fettucinne, Ragtime and Pillow Talk are the other types. Foreign Accents must be commended for doing their part for the society and not employing young children in their production unit.