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Frontier Furniture

Customers have been able to enjoy many of the best furniture pieces introduced by Frontier Furniture since the year 1973. The company has been dominating the furniture market since long but has never made any compromises as far as design standards, superior craftsmanship and high quality of materials are concerned. Log furniture in rustic designs in some of the greatest varieties is manufactured by this brand. Techniques used for construction are time tested, skip peeled character is maintained in the log furniture naturally. Schedule maintained in delivering products is prompt and reliable at all times. All these characteristics in log furniture have made this company an industrial leader.
A complete line of log furniture for the bedroom like bunk beds and log beds in a huge selection is manufactured by this company. It does not matter what kind of an order is placed as the company Frontier Furniture also offers customization as well. Besides log furniture for the bedroom, furniture is also manufactured for offices, homes, dining rooms, living rooms in rustic designs. The company is also a reputed dealer in decor and rustic lighting for log cabins. Since three decades the company has been able to ensure ultimate satisfaction of its customers all over the globe.

An entire range of ninety products are made currently by this reputed company, Frontier Furniture. There is a computer program that is fully customized and gets updated on a regular basis that helps in tracking its process of production once an order is placed with the company. Each and every craftsman is a master in this field and training is ongoing to ensure adherence to quality as well as consistency. Furnishings are inspected by a supervisor of the department once assembly is done. After the finish is applied a quality check is also done by the finishing department after which products are shipped after a last quality check.