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Fulterer USA

Fulterer USA is into the manufacture of drawer slides since five decades now. In fact as far as technology used in drawer slides is concerned, this company has proved to be a leader in the world. To ensure that drawer slides of the highest quality are available, the Company makes the best use of craftsmanship that is finest in the world, the latest innovative technology and also combines innovative designs in it as well. It does not matter what kind of application you have as the drawer slides manufactured and designed are sure to fit well into almost any kind of application.
The company Fulterer USA always ensures to keep the warehouses filled with a large collection of inventory so that products can be delivered immediately to customers on placement of an order. Large warehouses of the company are based in Lustenau Austria, High Point in North Carolina and Ontario in California. All the products manufactured by the company are available in abundance at all times, so you are guaranteed to get your order processed fast. Their customer service department can be contacted in case customers have any special inquiries or any other special needs related to the drawer slides purchased.

In the entire industry this is the best customer service provided and the customer support staff is always more than willing to provide proper guidance and help. The Polymer VSusan is one of the latest introductions of Fulterer USA which is basically a new polymer Susans line for corner cabinets that is made from some of the materials of the highest quality. Designs incorporated in their making have always been pleasing aesthetically. The regular extension drawer slides, full extension drawer slides, heavy duty drawer slides, Fulterer progressive action, stainless steel drawer slides, office and media storage products, swivels, jigs, materials for fastening, brackets, etc. are some of the products manufactured popularly by the company.