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Dear Furniture Shopping visitors, please find variety of furniture buying guides for your home and office. Every week we adding new articles and guides written by our designers in order to help you design and choose perfect products, as well as coordinate an entire room of beautiful furniture and accessories..

Furniture Buying Guide Intro
Planning to push in a comfy armchair to your lobby and take the experience of drinking a cup of hot steamy and foamy coffee to a new realm of sensual extravaganza? Bedazzled by the clouds of plush black cushions and blinded by the soft reflections of the coy, diffused light from the sleek leather exterior of the beautiful sofa on the display stand at your favorite furniture shop! Do you find yourself lost in the attempt to fix an everlasting marriage between "drop dead good looks" and "high class utility"; when it comes to picking up aptly suitable furniture for your home or office? Shake off the dizzying reverie, and follow these simple guidelines to wrap up the perfect furniture for yourself minus the untoward hassles of landing up with a wrong furniture mate altogether.

Do your homework on the area!!!
Grab a pen and paper, sketch the layout of the place or region for which you plan to buy the desired furniture. It could be the diagram of your bedroom if you aim to get the perfect bed to flop into; or maybe the lounge area where you intend to fit in a cozy recliner. Analyze the space, take the necessary measurements and decide whether you want to capitalize on the horizontal or vertical dimension or both. These days you have an array of revolutionizing furniture designs to suit your requirements; of putting to good use the ample vertical space available in case you have constraints on the horizontal element!!! Do thorough studies keeping in mind the position and numbers of windows and doors, location of stairs and other entrances, architectural features like shelves, fireplaces, air-ducts or archways nearby! Even measure up the hallways and passages through which the furniture will have to be carried in order to transport it to its destination. It would be heart wrenching if you get your carefully chosen expensive and artistically crafted mahogany wardrobe only to have it returned wistfully, as it turned out to be too big to get into your study room or couldn't make its way through the common hall.

Decide your style!!!
Figure out the driving force behind your desire. Be clear about your needs on whether you want a formal look or informal undertone. Would it be Traditional cabriole legs, claw and ball feet or Contemporary Scandinavian sleek design elements; what should be your final call! Visualize the colors you want to have and how they would be complementing the existing colors in the room. Think about the mood you intend to project, ensure your piece is doused in apt shades.

Time to get physical, honey!
Once you are done with your detailed "requirements analysis" phase, turn on the ignition and zoom into the furniture shop to zero in on "the one" you need! To be surrounded by a plethora of options, of innumerable shapes, sizes and hues could be overwhelming indeed. But get over the trance of bliss, and get going! Go ahead touch the exciting textures, sit on it, lie over it, stand atop it, feel the smooth covers, smell the fresh fragrance of it, lose yourself in the world of abundance. Right, the thumb rule is better furniture will always have profuse amounts of everything; more raw material fillings, more springs, more bounce, richer feel, smoother touch, stronger frames, sturdier base and generally heavier too. Neat, defined corners and curves, securely attached buttons, smooth seams and evenly distributed material make a quality piece stand out. Let your senses of touch, smell, sight and sound guide you. Tap on the wood, knock on the metal, pore over the glass, smell the velvet and caress the leather.

Contemplate on Budget & Manufacturer...
Once your aesthetic and safety filter parameters are set, you need to define the price range of your purchase and select your favorite brand or select your trustworthy local manufacturer. With all criteria in place, just go and get your furniture baby home in all majestic grandeur and fanfare!!!

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