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FY Lifestyle

Fy Lifestyle is a company primarily a furniture company that offers a wide range of home furniture products like bentwood, bunk beds, kitchen nooks, leather products, microfiber products, mattresses, ottomans, platform beds, sofa beds, teak wood furniture and wardrobes. Headquartered in New York, this company is known for its aesthetic sense, reliability, multi-functionality and simplicity. Primarily so since the introduction of their best-selling Magna 625 designs, which were initially made of modern, texture rich microfiber but is now made of full grain leather which has proved to be a hit since its introduction in the April of 2005. 

Their success story dates back to the October of 2002 when they introduced the sofa beds into the market. Though unpopular with the American consumer, they took the Japanese market by storm. Firm and close to the ground, they provided exactly what the average Jap consumer needed. In 2004, the perfect counterparts were introduced: Magna 625 loveseat and the Magna chair. The fact that the Magna chair can be used both as an extension to the sofa and as a matching ottoman, only improves the reputation this range has already earned for this company.

In the January of 2007, they incorporated an extensive Bentwood program into their product line, which was created to appeal individuals who were looking for transient and fashionable home furnishing. The technology of creating Bentwood is a universal process, but what sets their products apart from the rest is the meticulous detail incorporated in the design. With the welfare of customers in mind, they are dedicated to constantly finding new ways to further reduce manufacturing costs so as to reduce prices. The bentwood frame is lightweight yet durable in which many layers of birchwood are steam-pressed and carefully bent into various shapes that conform to their design