G. I. Loft Bed With Slide

G. I. Loft Bed With Slide

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The G.I. Loft bed is a dream for every child. With this you bring home the entire play area for your child. The play area beneath the loft is designed to look like a tent. This will make your child happy as they can have their toys and games infront of them all the time. It has a ladder that lands your child onto his bed at the top and a slide attached for the kids to slide down and have fun. So, get the life back in your child's room back with this beautifully designed bed by Coaster.



Slide attached to the bunk to the floor

Tent on the ground with mesh door and windows

Safety rails

Metal frame

Dimensions: L 115 3/8" X W 99 5/8" X H 49 3/4"

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