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GAR Products

GAR Products was founded by Morris H. Garfunkle in the year 1956. Morris or Mr.Gar is a well-known manufacturer of the products in designs that have a cutting edge over the others. The business is basically owned by a family and specializes in the making of high quality bases for table, seating and tops for tables to meet the demand of design and hospitality industry at all levels. As of now the business is managed by the third generation of a family which manufactures each of its products in an enduring passion.
As far as its products and services are concerned, seating in highest quality is supplied to a range of restaurants all over the world. The bases made for seating are powder coated, plated and made in unique antique and standard designs. A range of seating arrangements is also supplied to casinos as well. You can make the best use of gaming furniture manufactured by GAR Products which is available in different styles and types. The headquarters of the company is at Lakewood, New Jersey. You can have your projects well organized quickly due to the availability of versatile furniture products offered by this reputed company. Gar products are manufactured with the hope that the eco-friendly techniques will help save the planet.

With the kind of designs offered you are sure to find almost every product interesting enough. Whether it is outdoor seating or indoor seating arrangements, you can find endless opportunities at this branded company. Without wasting too much of time you can go ahead with your projects once the furniture products are promptly delivered to your doorstep by GAR Products. The products are well known for their craft and style and in the recent times efforts have been on to reduce the carbon footprints. The company has also received certification for producing a range of eco-friendly products.