General Info

General Info

Secure Ordering
We use advanced security measures to protect your information and make a safe purchase online. We use industry-standard, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to ensure that your information is encrypted. All information stored on our computers is never shared and protected 24/7. Finally you may call us to place an order or simply with our Showroom in San Francisco.

Catalog availability
Currently we are in process of creating product catalog. Whenever we will have it available, we will post necessary information online.

Product picture accuracy
Color, texture, and graining variations can occur in natural products like leather, wood and stone. These are not normally considered imperfections. For leather products all colors other than Black & White are bound to have variations in every production line. Color representations on computer terminals and screens can be different based on settings and various display technologies. To optimize website performance, product pictures have been scaled down in detail to help make web pages load faster. As a direct result, in some small cases fine detail in the pictures of furniture may have been sacrificed for the websites performance. It is the customer's responsibility to request additional high resolution pictures so that they may see exactly what they are getting before purchasing. Customer also agrees that they may not dispute the finish, or color or texture or any other physical attribute after taking delivery of a product.

Leather / fabric swatches
There are some products for which there are no swatches available. For other products we are currently in process of creating swatches. If there is swatch available for a specific product, we will post that info on that product's page.

Warranty Policy
Most of the items are covered under manufacture specific warranty. Manufacturers warranty policy varies. (1) Moving the furniture from the original delivery address voids any warranty. (2) Commercial usage will void warranty. (3) Warranty claims may take an estimated 30 days to process. By purchasing a product you accept manufacturer's specific warranty.