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Giftmark is a furniture company specializing in the production of furniture products for children. A range of high quality furniture for children in some of the most innovative designs are used in the making of baby furniture, nursery furniture, products for babies, upholstered furniture products, rocking chairs, rocking toys, childrens stools, unique collection of fire engines, sports chairs with ottomans and well upholstered, chairs in French style and doll houses are manufactured by this reputed furniture company. It is in Uttar Pradesh, India that the company has its base.
One of the most popular products offered by the company Giftmark is the Two Step Stool with Storage in white color for children which are considered one of the most sought after products in the present times. Besides this the company is also into the manufacture and supply of window coverings, bathroom botanical accents, wall dcor, candles, outdoor living furniture, decorative accents, lighting, floor coverings, house wares etc. Other specialty products are extremely popular as well. Legs of the Giftmark Champion Rocking Horse are beautifully carved by hand in the tradition of the olden times.

 It has rockers that are anti-tip, is made of hardwood completely and it also has a full cuddly mane and lifelike face as well. It allows a perfect and safe ride for hours together and encourages imaginative, safe and a fun way of playing as well. For the imagination of any kid this rocking horse in wood is certainly big enough but as far as riding the horse in the kids room is concerned it is small enough indeed. Design is truly lifelike which almost any child is sure to like and play on. Great prices and discounts are offered on many of the product ranges put up on sale. Considering the quality offered by the company Giftmark you are guaranteed to get your moneys worth.