Living Room Furniture Guide

Which Coffee Tables to Get, Glass Top or Wooden?

A coffee table is the lovely platform that is the preferred focal point for a piping hot cup of Cappuccino with few crispy crunchy- munchy snacks to chew on whilst holding a gregarious conversation with guests and family members alike.

A lot is said and done over a dainty piece of coffee table; the smooth finish and lustrous air of the coffee table lasts long in the subconscious minds of the people thronging around it without their own awareness about it.

With such gravity being assigned to a coffee table and considering the limelight under which it basks; it is very important to choose the right coffee table with utmost care and consideration.

The winner of the tug of war between- wood and glass should be decided on the basis of following factors.

For those of you who revel in the tinsel town of glass; a glass top coffee table would mesmerize you for all times to come! The glittering spectrum of rainbow hued reflected off the surface of your glass top shall bedazzle you and your guests!

A dark hued glass top would leave a striking impression with its frozen black still liquid appearance while a prismatic glass top shall create its own wonderful gamut of trembling colors. You may even selected a dye tainted or tinted glass top coffee table! Glass lends a contemporary touch and sizzling individuality.

But everything comes with its liability of maintenance. Be ready with mild soap solutions and neutral cleaning agents. Use a soft rag that does not leave lint behind. Dampen it in the cleaning fluid and wipe the grime and dust off the glass top.

Generally glass is touted as easy-to-maintain material. However, if your home has a bunch of playful kids or active pets; think before you go for a glass top lest someone dashes or bumps into it and falls cracking the glass in the process.

Wood is a timeless classic and is and age old favorite. It is a natural material; which is very costly depending on its quality. The knots and bumps on its surface; its natural sheen; smooth relaxing touch and traditional feel make it a hot favorite among many furniture lovers and eclectic designers. Wooden table is definitely the most durable among all.

Everything about a wooden coffee table is truly unique and classy. It is a sturdy and long lasting material to safely bank upon. It poses no danger to kids or pets nor is it vulnerable to them.

Caring for wooden furniture is very important. Being a natural material, it is easily susceptible to the evil effects of moisture and sensitive to sudden hot and cold flashes. An unplanned placement of a steaming hot cup of tea or an eerily chilled glass of soda may shock the surface and leave marks. Regular dusting and sincere polishing of the wooden table is a must to preserve its glory.