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Guidecraft is into the production of high quality furniture and toys. The company has a mission to always remain true towards the making of wood products that are designed beautifully and in a smart way which is the tradition of the company since long now. With the kind of products designed by them, the imaginations and minds of young children are provided with opportunities to keep wondering and grow well in the process. All the kids love to play with toys offered by this company due to this unique mission they have.
To ensure that the products are safe to use and play, they are well tested time and again whenever needed. All the products offered by this branded company pass the certification for safety well, making them safe for childrens use. With the exception of a few products the rest of the toys from Guidecraft are manufactured overseas in Thailand and China. Lead free paint and PVC is used in their manufacture thus making them very safe to use. It was in the year 1964 that just ten items were produced in a small workshop. The company was later purchased by another person and the products line was further developed.

 In the present times the company is into the production of furnishings and toys of the educational type ranging to over 850 different kinds. The company has over the years seen tremendous growth however the mission of the company continues to remain the same. Remaining loyal to customers is the main aim of the company. Children have always been inspired by the educational toys manufactured by the company. Excellent service and high quality products have always been supplied by the brand. Guidecraft has always felt delighted in introducing new product ranges to suit the needs of their customers worldwide. If needed customized products are also provided and shipped in due time to meet customers expectations.