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H. Wilson

Right from the 1950s the H. Wilson Company, a manufacturer of premium furniture has been into the making of industrial, educational, library and office furniture, utility carts, literature racks, video tables, tripods, work stations for computers, speaker mounting systems, tables for the overhead projector, mobile cabinets and lots more. In the manufacture of specialty furniture of the highest quality, this brand has become a dealer worldwide within the nation, Australia, Canada, Asia and Europe. Howard Wilson, a visionary, in the year 1959, founded the company when in Chicago he was working for Radiant Screen Company as the Regional Sales Manager.
He is known to have played an important role in the marketing of the audio visual component of Radiant Screen's products. He was well aware of the fact that it was in the AV market that he would start his H. Wilson business. Howard was keen on manufacturing a particular product which was not being manufactured and supplied but which customers would need. A few years ago for watching film strips a dark AV room was necessary. But efforts were being made by Radiant Screen and various other manufacturers to make to be used in rooms that were lighted well.

 It was for this reason that Howard came up with an idea of making a mobile Rear Projection Unit. In a room that was fully illuminated, movies, slide programs or film strips could be projected by this unit and he knew that this concept would certainly succeed. The brand has been popularly manufacturing projector tables which have great demand in the educational market. Howards company H. Wilson is currently the only manufacturer of AV carts in plastic material in a range of seven different shades. In Birmingham, A.L and Waukegan the company has its spacious warehouses and distribution facilities which ships products to its customers making sure no damage is caused during shipment.