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Haugen Home Furnishings

Haugen Home Furnishings Co. is a leader in the production of world class hand crafted furniture products right from the year 1991. Located at Hutchinson, Minnesota, the company strives to serve customers to their utmost satisfaction especially those looking for highest quality and the desire to get their moneys worth. Durability of furniture products is such that products can certainly last anyone for a lifetime. The Haugen Seal of Quality and Workmanship has been stamped on each of the products offered by this reputed company. Every furnishing piece that is produced is crafted by skilled workers, craftsmen, assembly and finishing team.
The marketing and distributing team at Haugen Home Furnishings ensures that the products are transported or delivered to the relevant destinations in due time. No particle board is used in furniture construction. Solid wood are exclusively used in product manufacture at all times. All items are skillfully crafted by hand, in a process of finishing in seven steps, in lacquer finish in superior quality that is hand rubbed into every piece. In the old masters tradition the furnishings are being handcrafted popularly. Roll top desks, bedroom sets, flat top desks and a range of other furnishings are manufactured by this company.
Once you purchase Haugen Home Furnishings products as a customer you are guaranteed to cherish it for a lifetime. The furnishing in hardwood is of the highest quality. You are sure to get your moneys worth when you buy furniture from this brand. Depending upon your need and dcor of your home or office, furniture in wide range in contemporary, ultra modern, classic, traditional and transitional furniture can be purchased. The choice is hugely varied that you can get furniture pieces in different shades, sizes, patterns, colors and price ranges. When you consider products from this brand you really dont need to look anywhere else at all to fulfill your home and office furnishing needs.