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Heat Surge

Heat Surge is into the production of popular and highly functional fireplaces which are guaranteed to save huge amounts on your gas bills. Built in real wood mantle these fireplaces are considered to be the most convenient and easy to use fireplaces in the world. To ensure the fireplace offers best usage all you need to do is make the best use of the instructions, guidance and guidelines offered by the highly skilled customer support team which offers services round the clock for its trusted customers. Real fire ambience is beautifully created by the handmade mantle in real wood.
Its portability feature provides great convenience of moving the electric fireplace from one room to another as per your choice. If you are looking towards heating the room instantly then electric fireplaces offered by this company have to be the right choice for you. Every unit manufactured by Heat Surge is well inspected and approved by UL which for its safety is certainly a benchmark. Standard setting can be used in every piece. Zone heating system can be efficiently used in systems offered by electric fireplaces offered by this reputed company.

On turning down the thermostat of the Heat Surge electric fireplace, at every degree at least one percent of the monthly heating bill can be saved. If the thermostat is turned down lower then you can even save more on your monthly bills. While emitting heat, the fireplace can be prevented from getting too warm due to the Cool Touch Heat Vent, a U.S. technology in patent-pending. Comfort levels can be best customized by making efficient use of the adjustable thermostat. Considering the efficiency and durability it offers, no other electric fireplace can beat this brand so easily. With the emphasis these days on saving power and preventing global warming, heat efficient units are popular.