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At Homeleglance, you are treated to a treasure of furniture items, which are marvels of craftsmanship. Right from your lounge chair, dining table, sofa, and bed room sets, each and every item show-cased, are quite futuristic in looks, quality and utility at the peak of their optimization, and the taste palate heartily nourishing. The finish on the displayed mantel-piece, the wooden dining sets, the extra-wide Executive Desk, are all on dark-wood, with refined metallic and brass linings, and are real pieces of passion and hard-work. The elegant dressing tables, with larger than life built in mirrors and muted lightings, sit in an elegant corner, displaying, already sold sign, no wonder, always out of stock on demand, beyond doubt. 

Homeleglance brand is known nation-wide, and is an emerging global brand, quietly making its way to conquer the world, with its well- crafted goodies and ready- made furniture, most of them can be knuckled down into pieces, packed and smartly reset in any nook and corner of the world. The company takes responsibility for the safe delivery and with detailed instructions with minimum tools to do your own act, on small delicate pieces, and for any bigger assignment, Homeleglance people and technicians are at your disposal to set up the entire operation without any hassles to you.
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Homelegance Collections
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Raven (4)
Rivera (5)
Royce (4)
Sable (3)
Sabrosa (4)
Santee (6)
Scorpio (4)
Sherman (2)
Simon (8)
Stoney (7)
Sunbelt (3)
Sunrise (6)
Terra (4)
Tiling (3)
Topline (5)
Torrey (3)
Tove (9)
Trishaw (2)
Tufton (12)
Ventura (4)
Verona (14)
Vista (4)
Weston (5)
Wexford (5)
Wilmont (4)
Zen (3)

The Company believes and spends a lot of time in research and development, and their designers are on look out for innovative ideas and materials to make you home and office a marvelous and heart-tending place to live and work in. Once you step into the expansive gallery of Homeleglance you will never look at another guy, who is in the same business, as believing is seeing, and you will see the Company’s brand value and commitment to the customer, is always on a vibrating mode, to serve you a better.