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Hospitality Rattan

Hospitality Rattan has been into the production of high quality, bamboo, rattan and wicker furnishings. They specialize in designing and distributing the most desired furniture pieces to customers all over the globe. From the best materials possible a range of collection of outdoor and indoor pieces are created especially for buyers desiring a tropical feel in their furniture products. Frames in aluminum are used in the construction of outdoor furniture of the highest quality. Synthetic wicker fiber in Rehau or Viro is used for weaving as it does not fade even if it is subjected to outdoor elements.
For collections that are upholstered there are a range of options in fabrics available at Hospitality Rattan. In the patio collections branded fabric is used in upholstering the outdoor collection. Branded products from Rattan brand are sold worldwide or distributed to many of the retailers. The company has taken care to ensure that the products have positive impact on the environment and hence eco friendly products are being manufactured and even the techniques and technology used is environment friendly as well. As far as customers are concerned the manufacturers feel very responsible for its staff, customers, and suppliers besides staff.

 Resources used by the company Hospitality Rattan are well managed as well. According to them the issues related to the environment are of critical importance. Best production practices are followed in the production process and implementation procedures. To carry out several operations at every production stage, key personnel are appointed which are well trained. Materials are sourced from some of the best suppliers in the world. Renewable materials and reputable suppliers, help in ensuring the products have a very good finish and usability. Raw materials are used in the best possible way encouraging less wastage. Customers feel extremely satisfied with the customization of products offered by this reputed company besides the after sales customer support.