Area Rugs Buying Guide

How to Care For an Area Rug

The exquisite hand woven area rug in your living space or the machine made neat area rug near your washroom door; every rug has its own tale to tell. If only it could talk then it would tell you how that accidental spillage of the cold soda can's content froze its fiber nerves badly. Those muddy little feet of your toddler were cute for you but as they ran helter skelter all over your taut rug dirt seeped into the hidden crevices of the thread network of the rug.

Dust keeps wreaking havoc with its appearance; dirt shadows its pristine beauty; oil camouflages its perkiness and makes it a muck attracting magnet. Your curious pet's scratches and naughty kid's pokes could drive your poor rug into a bottomless abyss of neglect and degradation.

Proper care and maintenance are the birthrights of every rug designed for any area whatsoever.

Pad up your rug!

A very significant instruction dictates that every rug should have an appropriate rug pad beneath it. It doesn't matter where the rug is placed - whether it is on a hardwood plane or used on smooth stone flooring; a pad under it safeguards it from slipping out of position and helps to maintain its shape and body for a long time by reducing abrasion.

Turn rug!!!!

It is highly advisable to turn around the rug once every year in a 180 degrees flip or end to end toss as feasible. Often it has been observed that if a rug stays for long in a single position then its threads start weakening around the daily foot traffic pattern lines. Some outdoor rugs may have their sun facing upsides, weather beaten and discolored. Regular turns and flips ensure that the rugs age uniformly.

Dust out the evil ghosts!

Sand & dust particles do not just settle on the surface of the rug rather they seep deep into the interconnected fiber network of the rug. These tiny rough grains act as deadly abrasives which if not expelled rub against the delicate and weak single fibers and snip them off. The resultant visible output comprises ugly holes on the pretty rug. Regular vacuuming and dusting of the rugs could prevent this disaster from taking place.

Traditional dusting methods involve beating the dust out of rugs by either heaving the rug against a solid surface or pounding upon it with a club held horizontally along its length. However unless you have a really heavy and sturdily knit rug then avoid that mace! Light or small rugs can be easily hand picked and shaken vigorously to remove the dust coating.

Modern usage of vacuum cleaner is a far neater option. However certain restraints should be exercised in its application technique. The vacuum suction pump setting should be in low to mid range. Low setting is suitable for fragile fabric rugs while strong threads can handle medium pull!

Decide on cleaning frequency!!!

Rugs placed in more crowded places where footfall is high need more frequent cleaning. While rugs that are laid at places less prone to dust can be tidied at rare intervals. Dust that rug in front of the main door everyday. But you can comfortably vacuum the rug in your master bedroom once in a month only without compromising on its care.

Happy Rug-ing!!!