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Howard Miller

Howard Miller Company is into the manufacture of a range of home furnishings and long-case clocks, and is a manufacturer based in Zeeland, Michigan. Quality of all their manufactured products is simply unsurpassed and workmanship used is simply incomparable. Perfection is a quest which they have always been striving towards at all times. At the age of 21 Howard C. Miller founded the company in the year 1926. In the initial stages of the business the need to create excellent products was understood well by Howard Miller and hence ensured that the products steeped well in terms of value and quality.
Nothing but the best is offered by products of this company. Every clock manufactured graces Howard Millers name. In Germanys Black Forest region, Herman, Howards father taught the clock making fine art to his son, Howard. Gradually with great innovative sense, Howard developed into a visionary and since the past three generations have been excelling in the manufacturing of its products. Mantel and chiming wall clocks were the products manufactured in the early years. In the galleries of collectors you get to see the avant-garde clocks which set the trend in todays times. Anti aircraft covers were produced when Ford Motor Co. was joined by Howard Miller during the World War II.

Grandfather clocks were made in the 1960s and eventually he attained the title of the Worlds Largest Grandfather Clock Manufacturer. With great craftsmanship collectors cabinets were created in 1989 made from hardwoods and glass. The Hekman Furniture Company, The Woodmark Company and the Kieninger Company of Germany are the three companies he has acquired in the recent times. There is no occasion needed to own product made by Howard Miller as they suit all homes and offices well, and need not be used just for gifting purposes. Whatever maybe the price you can feel rest assured of quality and class at all times.