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Hyres Country Haven

When Hyres Country Haven was founded it started off with a belief that quality products will be manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and high quality customer service will be provided which is still be being followed till date. According to the manufacturer, these are building blocks that help in ensuring a successful enterprise. Intention of the company is never ever to stray from these important principles. This family owned business takes immense pride in the creation of furniture for the outdoors ensuring superior quality, which since the year 1991 many families in Europe and the United States have been enjoying.
The company Hyres Country Haven pledges that it will manufacture products that cannot be surpassed by any other product of any other brand. Reputation and tradition are the two words that can summarize the companys continued success. Since the past two decades, quality products are manufactured by the brand that is committed towards supplying the best of products to its customers at all times. Name of the company is the greatest resource for this small reputed company that is family owned. Adirondack chair and rocker, coffee table, double back double rocker, double back loveseat, double back swing; ottoman and footrest / end table are some of the products much in demand.

 Hyres Country Haven makes sure that excellence standards are met and hence will put their name only on products that stand up to scrutiny. Adirondack furniture for the outdoors is created in a huge range by the company. Teak and Meranti Mahogany are used exclusively to create exotic designs and meet exacting standards, of unmatched craftsmanship. It is for maximum enjoyment and comfort that beautiful and durable furniture is manufactured by this brand. Before shipping the products the products are assembled partially with proper manual, guidelines and instruction which help in outlining the last few steps in the assembly.