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IMAX Worldwide

Success of Imax Worldwide can be attributed to its sheer determination and constant hard work. As of today it is one of the topmost companies importing flower containers in copper after it was started in the year 1984 as a very small company by Al and Faye. All over the world it has twenty showrooms showcasing its products and 128 road representatives and thousands of customers. From around twelve countries all over the world it imports a range of garden and home accessories for distribution.
There are four fulfillment facilities which use state of the art technology at the corporate headquarters, the distribution centre ranges up to 500,000 square feet and around 165 employees work at the company work full time. The company is now a global source with its showroom facilities in China, USA and India, for development of products and additional sourcing. The main aim of the company is to offer designs that suit the needs of every customer. Their team of designers and production experts work constantly to push the boundaries of creativity, fashion and taste. They mix styles from various periods, regions and textures to produce articles that are a visual treat. The company Imax Worldwide believes in making living easy, offering great designs, integrity and style.

The companys effort is to make your experience with the company convenient, positive and easy. Through innovation efforts are put in to provide improved customer service in a world where technology is fast developing. Every customer is valued which is seen through the prompt product delivery systems and excellent customer support. Once you refer to their dynamic catalogs which are always improved, customers do not waste any time in placing orders. Limited warranty period is also offered in case you are interested in repairing or product servicing. From the time the company was started its aim has been to make sure the customer remains satisfied at all times.