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International Caravan

International Caravan has been producing high quality materials and vehicles for the purpose of recreation and leisure since quite some time and is one of the leading brands in the Trigano Group which is one of the famous groups and in Europe is in a leading position. It is well known as a quality producer worldwide. In the year 1945, foundation of the company took place and since six and a half decades now progressive growth has been seen in the company. All through Europe it has embraced various operations as of now especially in countries like Poland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain now in Tunisia as the company further has a factory.
Every year, motor homes in thousand are being produced in addition by International Caravan. Manufacturing equipment for recreational purposes, caravans for touring, garden equipment, leisure homes, tents, trailers, folding caravans, awnings are the interest of the Trigano Group. Within this group you get a few branded names like Trio Sport, Sterckemen, Autostar, Caravans International, Arca, Chausson, Roller Team, Eurovent, Benimar and many more. Work for more than three thousand people have been provided by this group and have helped in an annual turnover production of seven hundred million Euros approximately. From the manufacture of motor homes itself a major turnover is derived.

 All member companies of the Group are being managed well locally and are successful and capable producers in its very own right. From the Groups membership huge benefits are being derived by all the divisions. This just is an indicator and reflection of the tremendous value for money within the product range supplied. Within the Group are some of the most talented and experienced engineers and engineers who work in various departments. Each one of them well expresses their expertise and flair in product manufacturing. The techniques and innovative designs introduced, by International Caravan time and again are certainly unmatched.