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International Concepts

The Company International Concepts deals in modern furniture and are in the business of interior designing and decoration of Home and Offices. The Company with through research and development has an amazing collection of wooden furniture and office dcor products, both in ready to fit and subject to modification. As the name suggests, they have an international touch and perception in whatever they give, of course culminating them with local tastes and trend. This is clearly visible in their collections of Sofa-beds, dining table, lounge table, cabinets, including the massive living room units. 

You have an endless list of products, which can be inspected for their quality and suitability and considering any space aspect, some of them can be appropriately modified. The products on offer come to you with replacement warranty within a period of 15 days, and after sales warranty for any manufacturing defects. All the materials on display have undergone quality checks for manufacturing or designing errors, and they are certified by their quality control group, before dispatch and display. Display items are never supplied to the customers, and identical pieces are delivered conforming to same specifications.

International Concepts offer to design your home or office and their technicians and designers are well informed and qualified, to advise you on the space and related management issues. They design your requirement without compromising your ideologies and needs, and they also bring to you cultures and designs of various countries, to you experience their traditions and life styles. International Concept products come with time tested accessories to give you that feeling of security. They pacify your taste and needs at one go, and your comfort is at all time important priority for them. The company, International Concepts, stand out tall among the contemporaries because of the special quality and friendly attitude supported by excellent quality products.