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Jackson Furniture

Jackson Furniture since more than seventy five years has been specializing in the making of comfortable and fashionable sofas as well as recliners. The company has around one thousand employees approximately dedicated to the manufacture of high quality and lasting furniture. In USA they have four factories where employees work dedicated to produce furniture to meet the needs of every home and office owner. In Cleveland, TN, a beginning was made by Mr. Ray Jackson born in the year 1903, when at the age of 16 he set out on his own. In Ohio in an auto assembly plant he worked for many years and for trying out the business of chair upholstery he returned to Tennessee.
He started the Jackson Furniture Company during the Depression period after the banks closed and he was left with thirty dollars and learnt crafting upholstery quickly. Factories started extending gradually, more people were hired and by the 1970s he owned 1.3 million square feet space for manufacturing furniture products at various places like FL, TN, TX and MS. In the USA it was the largest furniture enterprise that was owned by a family. Of Platform Glider Recliners when production line of the assembly line was determined, it became his greatest turning point. In the production of the Chair / Glider he applied the knowledge from the industry of automobiles.

Under the leadership of the third generation, still thrives, the culture, the techniques that were introduced by its founder. Dedication and hard work of the employees of the Jackson Furniture Company has resulted in the production of high class furniture. As of today the company continues to remain focused in the United States. Fabrics and leather is being sourced from trusted suppliers from all over the world. For obtaining some of the parts international laborers and suppliers are considered as well. At accessible prices long lasting furniture is used.