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Jeffan International

Jeffan International is a company based in Indonesia, owned by a family. The CEO and the President of the company, who is part of the family, is Caroline Shibata. A range of accents for homes, lighting arrangements, furnishings for homes, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture etc are designed, manufactured and marketed by this reputed company. Bringing the amazing capabilities of designing and excellent craftsmanship of the company to the people of the rest of the world is the main mission of this company. In container quantities, merchandise of company in a good percentage is sold.
The containers in mixed and full loads are shipped from Java to various destinations of the world to various customers. A four thousand SKU quick program in shipping is also offered by Jeffan for all the smaller orders placed. In Atlanta, GA is located the warehouse of the company where servicing of quick orders takes place. Even if a small order is placed the products are delivered in a prompt manner. Different kinds of floor lamps, table lamps, accent furniture, end tables, coffee table, wall mirrors, candle holders, furniture for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, wall panels in decorative designs, accessories for the home decor, TV stands, entertainment furniture, decorative baskets, bowls and vases etc are also being manufactured by the company Jeffan International.

 Anyone who purchases products from this company can have one of the greatest or a superb shopping experience of their lifetime. Prices of the companys entire product range are completely accessible to almost any customer interested in purchasing products of the company. It does not matter if you have a classic, traditional, transitional, contemporary or ultra modern decor as the furniture pieces are sure to suit almost any decor perfectly. Once you invest in the Jeffan Internationals furniture pieces you are guaranteed to get your moneys worth for sure.