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When it comes to outdoor furniture for your patio or your garden, then Kannoa is truly a name that needs to be checked out. The fabrics used for creating these wonderful furniture stands tough extremes of weather. Any stains on the fabrics can be easily cleaned using water and detergent. Similarly, heavy stains on your Kannoa furniture can be removed by using commercial furniture cleaner. Make sure not to steam the fabrics as it may lose its texture and colour too. One should never use a washing machine to wash these fabrics as there are chances that the threads may become loose.

Also, it should be noted that the cleaner should be come in contact with your Kannoa furniture as there are greater chances of discoloration. As these are woven fabrics, very harsh chemicals can spoil the exquisite designs and shades of the fabric. It is not very difficult to maintain Kannoa furniture. You just need to use a mild liquid detergent and water for cleaning the furniture and the fabrics. Make sure to dry the cushions completely so that it does not attract any fungus. The fabrics are of very good quality, hence you can clean them as and when they get dirtier.

One should bear in mind that excessive sun block and suntan can harm the mesh, straps, cushions and vinyl lace. Generally, when you purchase these products, you are covered under a warranty clause. If you find that the furniture has slightly lost its colour and texture, you can always approach the Kannoa store and get it replaced. Generally, when Kannoa furniture is placed in the outdoors, you will notice that it becomes silvery grey or white in colour due to excessive sunlight and other natural factors. You may choose to clean your furniture with laundry detergent and use a soft bristle brush for cleaning the furniture.