Kids Furniture Buying Guide

Kids Furniture Buying Guide

A meeting with the Vice President of the company at 9 O'clock the next morning; a holiday trip to be planned for next month; household expenses to be taken care of; future savings to be done; a plethora of thoughts, myriad doubts, scores of questions were bobbing and popping inside your head when all of a sudden the front door is slammed open and your tiny tot comes running into the house with dribbling a muddy ball, dirty little feet and the big bright toothy smile that makes you forget every other thing under the sun!

You are jerked out of your reverie and the sweet realization dawns upon you as to how all your concerns pale out in comparison to the undivided love and concern that you feel for your kid. Undoubtedly when it comes to choosing the furniture for your kid, you would leave no stone unturned. Your sweetheart deserves nothing but the best!

Primary consideration - Age of kid for whom furniture is to be bought!

A lot depends on the fact whether you intend to buy a new bed for your toddler or a new desk for your teenager. Your toddler would definitely love all the funky and flashy colors all over his room but your man-boy might just faint at the mere sight of a yellow desk or the blue bunk bed.

Safety of kid - a primary concern!

Jagged corners or rough edges could impede the freedom of movement in the room and pose a danger especially for kids who are known for their recklessness and playful attitude. A bruised knee while climbing up the bunk bed or an injured elbow while chasing friends around the room is certainly not desirable! So look for beds with rail guards if your kid is below 8 to 10 years of age. Always opt for furniture with smooth edges and the ones with a safe coat of finish. Strong chemicals should be avoided.

Pick up creative pieces!

While getting furniture for your kids' room, try imbibing creativity into their ambience. Kids have boundless mental energy; they enjoy surprise elements and cleverly designed furniture. A headboard or wall board that can be pulled down as a table or shelf would be wonderful for them.

Budget - the limiting parameter!!!

The wings of dreams would get clipped if you cross the invisible field of your permissible budget. So remember to accommodate your requirements within the financial boundaries. Plan out your wish list in a serenading fashion and balance out your shopping!

Storage & space saving factors are always preferable add-on!

Beds with pull out drawers that can be used to stack up toys or clothes are wise to choose as they help in utilizing space and maintaining cleanliness. A small inflatable sofa bed that doubles up as sofa for visiting friends and acts as bed for sleep over cousins is a nice piece in your kid's room. Desks with loads of drawers help in maximizing vertical storage space.

Let the furniture showcase your child's talent!

The furniture can be picked in a way that it reflects the interests of kids. A cabinet to store your budding drummer's drums or your future rock star's guitar is a useful addition if your child loves dabbling into music. A painter kid would be elated to see his drawers with partitions to store crayons and brushes.

So with all these tips and tricks in your kitty; go on and bring home the best!