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Knu furniture is built in the USA and is surely built to last. This company is a manufacturer of sustainable contemporary office furniture. With its relevant accountable designs, Knu provides its customers and modern furniture lovers with fine quality products and sustainable furniture. Manufactured in Western Michigan, Knu is in partnership with Industrial Woodworking Corp. It uses raw materials from regional suppliers to manufacture their products. 

Knus facility is carbon neutral, which means that all emissions from electricity, natural gas, executive air travel and vehicle use are offset using Green-E certified renewable energy credits. On the National Arbor Day Foundation, Knu had pledged that they would grow a plant or a tree in the damaged forests of the country, for every furniture they sell. The longevity of a product makes it greener, but also the simplicity in design is green. Knu offers an elegant line of furniture and designs. Its products and furniture are beautifully crafted and they are very eye catching to every customer visiting the store. Especially, the concept of manufacturing furniture is very attention grabbing and it provides or helps the customers to go for something which could be reliable, without harming the environment around us, thus encouraging the concept of a greener and cleaner society. This company has huge sales every year and its customers review this store to have very modern and stylized furniture products, which last in one's home a long time. This company boasts about their simple designs and creative finishing. Much of their style evokes mid-century modernity with lacquered finishes and glassware.

Knus commitment towards a safer environment without compromising on their product quality pleases individuals. It emphasizes on the society and its local environment, economy and social equity. This is one company, which has tried to bring about a change in the society, with the unique thought of sustainable furniture manufacture. Till date, it has been very successful and many other inspired companies are in the process of adopting the same respectable method of Knu.