Bedroom Furniture Guide

Leather and Fabric Beds FAQ (Upholstered In Leather or Fabric)

Tired of reclining against the hard headboard of your bed while watching TV! Reminisce the comfort of plush leather in your bedroom; complain of back aches and dream of the velvet couch in the living room! Stop brooding; get yourself a bed upholstered in leather or fabric. Worried about its pros and cons? Here is an answer guide to frequently asked queries in this matter.

Is a leather or fabric bed very costly?

The cost of a leather or fabric bed would definitely be a tad higher than the simple basic beds available in the markets. However, it comfortably falls in a mid-range not as high as many richly engraved wooden beds, ornately styled classic beds, intricately carved bedposts, etc floating in the shops.

Would a leather or fabric bed require high maintenance?

If the fabric is velvet or on similar lines then definitely a lot of regular vacuuming to suck away the dust and combing would be required. Depending on the quality of leather, the upkeep demand varies.

Can I supply fabric for my bed?

Any reputed manufacturer or branded shop would never accept fabric from the customers. They would assure you of the quality and quantity of the fabric they use to make their products. However if you intend to cut down your costs and supply raw material for your fabric bed; you may scout for a local furniture maker who would be ready to strike a deal with you.

How durable is a fabric or leather bed?

Real leather gets affected by wear and tear at a snail's space. It is hard wearing and lasts much longer than woven items. Overall durability depends on the care and maintenance done. Fabric may last more compared to low quality leather.

Why are there marks on the leather in my upholstered headboard?

Leather is a natural product. It carries the marks defining its origin forever. There may be variations, scratches and wrinkles on the leather piece. However, it is not a defect rather the proof that the leather is genuine.

Will a leather or fabric bed suit my bedroom?

A leather or fabric bed offers an extremely chic and modern look. If you have a traditionally styled bedroom then you could face some hiccups in fitting in one; otherwise if you possess a contemporary or modern bedroom then slide in one without a hitch.

Is a fabric or leather bed only about looks?

No, a fabric or leather bed goes beyond looks, it adjusts to body temperature and keeps one cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This unique property scores big in its favor.

Do I need to protect my leather and fabric beds from kids and pets?

To start with, pets are better without having the access to jump on your beds. Yes, you need to ensure your pet doesn't zero in on leather bed to be a chew toy or fabric bed to be a fur ball. If your pets jump to their conclusions then no one can save your normal bed's sheets from being torn too!!!

Buying leather with an extra finish or protected leather safeguards your leather bed from kids and pets alike.

Owning a luxurious leather bed or supple fabric bed is much beyond mere aesthetics and visual appeal. It has a distinct elegance and sophistication of its own that is head and shoulders above the rest.