Living Room Furniture Guide

Leather Sofa Care

Leather is one of the choicest upholstery of aesthetic consumers across the world. The way the smooth surface of the rich leather reflects the multi colored living room chandeliers; its characteristic presence accentuated under soft dim lights gives the perfect romantic touch to the sensuous private rendezvous with your partner; its sleek texture drains away the fatigue of your visitors with its first touch and lets them sink in to a world of unimaginable comfort! The door to the world of enthralling pleasure opens out wide, the moment a leather sofa slides into your living room.

However, the key to the alluring paradise has its costs to bear. To able to milk in on the luxury of leather sofa, one needs to take up the cudgels and make efforts to maintain it well.

The preface of the guide book to caring for one's leather sofa starts with statutory warning of not smoking near the leather sofa. Mending cigarette burns is an extremely difficult job. Moreover the ash on the leather discolors it beyond repair.

The exotic red wine does feel warm and wonderful to have while you are seated on comfy leather and so does the tangy "screwdriver" rev you up! But exercise caution so as to not spill any beverages or liquid on your cherished leather sofa. Liquid has the tendency to seep through the natural pores on leather and discolor it. The subsequent dampness may promote the growth of ugly fungi and scratchy molds on the leather.

Before dropping into the leather paradise, check your pockets for sharp and jabbing items. A rude prick from your ballpoint pen or a harsh poke from your keys could tamper your leather sofa. Holes are the most difficult damages to repair.

Choose the location or position of your leather sofa properly. Avoid placing it near fire places or radiators. Heat sucks away the intrinsic moisture of natural leather and dries it up. It may subsequently crack on the surface owing to the dryness. Do not even keep it under direct sunlight else it will get discolored soon.  

React instantly to sudden small spots or spills on your leather sofa. Dab away with a cleanser as soon as possible. Use very little water in the process as dampness is not favorable for the future of your leather. Do follow the specific instruction booklet of your leather sofa and keep away from experimenting with cleaning fluids on your sofa surface.

Choose neutral cleaning agents over the extreme acidic or basic ones. Prefer dry cleaning agents to minimize dampness of leather. Specifically engineered cleansers for leather are available in the market. Buy them without a hesitation for the long lasting health of your leather.

Check your leather manufacturer's guide and if it permits do add a conditioner or oil to your sofa a few times a year. Specially designed sofa conditioners are always up for grabs in the bazaar.

Yet you choose to listen to your grandmother's tips and dab a soft cloth rag with petroleum jelly and rub on your leather for the smooth and prim look. It will give you the same effect as expensive leather conditioners. Steer away from furniture polishes, alcohol- or ammonia based cleaners, bleach or saddle soaps as they may ruin the color and texture of your leather sofa.

Care for your leather baby gently and sincerely to preserve its beauty and finish!