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Legare is one of the best furniture designing and manufacturing companies of the world. It started in 1999 at a very small scale and today it is recognized as one of the leading furniture manufacturing companies, producing a large number of inimitable and highly user friendly as well as eco friendly products for homes and small offices. It provides the customers with the feature called FTA i.e. Fun to Assemble which means the consumer can easily assemble the entire system in just a matter of 3 minutes. It is like assembling the pieces of a zigzag puzzle. It is time saving, painless to handle and very easy to transport. This makes home or office furniture planning absolutely effortless and trouble free. 

To add to the consumers benefit it provides them with an extraordinary feature which helps them envisage their room using pre-made furniture icons. It is called Legare Launch Room Planner wherein the customer can comfortably discover the sense of how Legare pieces will fit into their room. Legare provides the consumers with a large number of products ranging from kids furniture, corner desks, desk extenders and straight desks to bookcases, media centers, chairs and file carts.

Legare uses the finest quality of Moso bamboo which is considered as the burliest building material. It has been in use for more than 5000 years. The best part about Legare is that it produces not only user friendly but eco friendly furniture items also i.e. they are carbonized polished produced in a non-toxic furnace which gives Legare items beautiful golden amber color. The furniture items are exceptionally strong, solid and stable. It can effortlessly bear weight of about 2000 pounds. The unparalleled quality of Legare items is that the furniture pieces can be flipped and assembled to get an entirely new look!