Living Room Furniture Guide

Living Room Furniture Guide

A living room gives the first impression of a house to its visitors. It is your self designed social hub. The flowing silken drapes and pastel colors showcase your taste and refinement for the world to see. A living room is your own entertainment alcove. Its furniture needs to hand picked with care. Here are some commandments that may guide you in your endeavor.

Get the basic measurements right!

The freshly painted walls and sparkling new wallpaper beckon you to come forward and load in gleaming furniture into the room. But do not hurry, a well thought out action is preferable to rushing in headlong when it comes to buying furniture. So sit down, breathe and plan. Make a rough sketch of the room layout. Get the proper measurements. Bulky furniture in a petite room is as ugly to the eye as undersized pieces in a large room.

Decide the placement of the large items first, like the sofa and then fit in the smaller ones around them in your virtual diagram. Anticipate your need and usage, buy what you require. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it has to burn a hole in your pocket and reach your living room only to accumulate dust!!!

Color your imagination...

The color of your furniture should match and complement your room’s color scheme. Moreover if you have any basic requirement in mind like making a miniature room appear spacious, then you can opt for light colored furniture for instance pine furniture, etc. Color has a colossal impact on inhabitant’s psyche and mood. It can even rectify or mend construction flaws and accentuate desired visual look.

Set your sofa...

A sofa is the basic member of your living room. Explore designs, styles and costs well enough before you finalize. Here you need to take into account the family size, minimum number of people using the arrangement at the same time, available floor space, and amount of time you can spend on its upkeep and maintenance, style theme of your room, budget, etc.

Buying a long sofa with at least two armchairs should suffice a normal family of four surprise visitors included. If you have a hectic work life and no major house keeping staff, steer away from expensive silk fabrics as they won't stand the test of time and your kitty's scratches. If you are low on cash, you could pick convenient futons and durable modular sofas.
Invest on spill resistant coats on sofas and lasting finishes on your furniture. Durability is preferable to fragility.

It all revolves around the table...

A center table to serve piping hot coffee with crunchy munchy snacks for your honored guest ranks next on your list of priorities! Once everyone is seated, this is going to be the centre of attraction throughout the conversation that shall ensue. You can pick a striking piece in conformity to your existing decor, so that the attention of all admirers stays riveted to it.

Go for one with storage space or shelves to reduce clutter. A handy pen or notepad and daily newspaper can comfortably fit in there. Prefer ones with smooth corners and soft finishes so that neither kids topple near it nor guests bump and injure themselves in haste.

Seating add-ons!!!

With the basics done, you can think of additional armchairs or easy recliners to fan your imagination! A cozy love seat or a plush recliner to melt into would be an attractive option and impart a personal touch to your sitting room. Do give a thought to your budget and space before you succumb to the desire.

Time for entertainment...

You need to buy rightly designed cabinet shelves to place your Tv, music system, Dvd player, etc. You can go for full footed ones or wall attached ones as feasible. Get one with shelves of various dimensions to decorate them with dainty items and maybe place your cherished books and video games.

Glam up the space...

You can select a theme and work on it to build your world of imagination open for your visitors. Stick to it but do not hesitate to incorporate an element of surprise!!! Deck up the room that you live in!!!