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Mele & Co

A family business which will be completing its centenary the following year has been the most celebrated name throughout the world in manufacturing jewelry cases. The brand not only has a history, but also a legacy in traditional craftsmanship. Over these years they have dedicated, researched and used all their expertise in making themselves pioneers, manufacturing jewelry cases with talented craftsman and designers who have created thousands of modern, conventional and traditional shapes, sizes and designs of cases where people store their most expensive possessions of status, happiness and sentimental memories. The brand is one of the top most in the world and has occupied a status in the world of jewelry. 

Kudos to their customers who have supported them by patronizing their products over all these years which has been due to the companys principles of offering complete customer service and manufacturing only quality products. Their designs and boxes are made in a manner that identifies them distinctly from other manufacturers. The name Mele & co is a brand itself. The company has worked hard with passion to come out with innovative designs and use of environment friendly material to manufacture their jewelry cases which is today marketed and sold all over the world.

Mele & Co has maintained the business character which their founder Emidio Mele had instilled in the company. Their motto is to provide their retailers all facilities that will improve their margins and earn them name. Today the family has diverted their attention to the packaging of their product that is shipped all over the world and has established a separate department for this purpose. They not only deliver the consignments on time, but package them in strong cases to ensure the safety of each and every product that they ship. They still infuse the heritage of their family in each and every jewelry box. They manufacture with their timeless and innovative designs