Furniture Shopping understands that mirrors by virtue of their unique use and purpose have the necessity to be beautiful and attractive in them. So we take extra care to provide only the best looking as well as best quality mirrors in the market. These mirrors are mostly metal lined pieces and these are exquisitely carved and bent to give ode to the old Victorian splendor in some cases or in some other cases kept straight and flattened to complement the new modern styles. The finishing may be called unparalleled in our products and ranges from nearly natural matte quality with dark to light brown shades on top of the color of your choice. The glass itself is all crystal clear with industry leading stain resistance levels. We at Furniture Shopping take the best care to provide only the best of the lot as and we do that by working with only the top and most reputed brands in the industry. This is our guarantee and also we guarantee that the prices will be to your liking. You can make purchases directly from our online store and when it is confirmed receive the package at your doorstep at almost any location in America within the week. Furniture Shopping wishes to serve and our toll free number is always at your fingertips for your use to clear out any queries you might have.