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In the late 80s when there was a great demand for printers, MooreCo under the direction of Mr. Moore started manufacturing multi-functional printer stands. Through hard work and dedication they grew as leading designers and producers of printer stands for the entire nations and the printer manufacturing industry as a whole. Under its old name Balt, the company grew and was regarded as a major source for dependable and innovative products that could support computers, educational industry and office furniture. This is how the company grew, always considering their customers superior to anything else and giving them the best quality and the best service which has built their reputation in the market today. 

Within a few years of being recognized as innovative and quality producers, investment flooded into their organization. They began shipping marker boards and chalk boards from their fifty three thousand sq.ft facility throughout America. Soon they broadened their product line and added visual communication products, easels, hard display products and wall mounted writing boards which were patronized by Government organizations, schools hospitality industries and those into presentation and audio video.

With this past experience MooreCo has grown through their hard work and customer satisfaction into a leading manufacturer supplying highest quality boards, visual communication products not only to the market but also to educational institutes. Today they are also leaders in office products and commercial market, with the ability to produce innovative products of high quality and offer remarkable customer services. They also have the capacity to ship their orders within a days notice. The company has focused on providing to the commercial and school markets ergonomic and ecologically sound products which have made them earn fame in this sphere. They have still maintained healthy relations with their former clients who were their original support and who helped them acquire a clientele in millions