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Nathan Direct

Their parent company had the experience of creating and designing products from scratch. Today Nathan Direct is back with the experience of 40 years of producing furniture for hotels and resorts of high standards and quality. Being a family business, each member devotes personalized attention to every department in providing their customers not only personal attention and service but exceptional designs and the best quality. It is not only hotels that they cater to, but practically everyone who is interested and requires customized furniture. Their dedication to this trade done with intelligence and patience has earned them a lot of fame. 

Nathan Direct not only caters to resort hotels but also large chain stores, builders, contractors, retailers and wholesalers. They are a perfect furniture source as they are experienced in this field since many years. Reliability is their strength and the ability of their design is converting any client into a customer. They leave no pains in satisfying any customer of theirs. They even go to the extent of designing and taking a concept, that their customer desires and with the skill of their engineers they convert it into reality.

Their product engineers and designers prepare projects for their customers by drawing plans and sketches in order to give the customer a proof before the products are manufactured, regarding their immaculate quality and the perfect design with each and every specification of the product. With this knowledge no customer would dare to deny the fact that Nathan Direct is exceptional where designing and quality of a product is concerned. They are professionals who can convert a rough sketch into an actual product that you can sell at a profit without elaborate design and development cost. This family owned company takes pride for having provided their customers over these years with the best designs, personalized service and high quality products.