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Nova Lighting with their H.Q in Charlotte and their branches in Florida, South Carolina and Columbia is a full service distributor and provider, specializing in lighting products. The services offered by them to their customers are par excellence in general service calls, re-lamping projects, lighting retrofits, pole light maintenance and sign repairs. They boast of a stock worth of over two million dollars of lighting products in their inventory. The major lines that they represent in lighting products are Phillips, Magnetek, EIKO, for advance transformers they represents Howard and for fixture lines Stonco, Cresent and others.  

They are specialized in maintaining and upgrading survey to guide lighting and professionals in evaluating your existing lighting system by performing a detailed survey to guide you to an efficient solution to reduce your electrical needs to enhance and improve the levels of your lighting. They also conduct maintenance of exterior and interior lighting, signs and fixtures for routine purposes. They design programs for maintaining interior re-lamping, parking lot security etc. Their services and maintenance come with a warranty for whatever they provide. The company serves almost anybody and everybody who are utilizing light.
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Nova lighting is always there at your service to provide you with complete tailored solutions, whether it is to install or to relocate your companys sign board, to replace the socket and ballast of your fluorescent and neon signs. They always keep your name bright and shining. An additional service that they provide to their clients who are under their maintenance program for outdoor lighting is that they provide ex-tempore checks free of cost once a month. For your indoor lighting which is under their maintenance program they will regularly check the systems and replace or repair if even slightest of doubt is found. With them you will never have to remain in the dark for even a moment