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NW Enterprises

The company, 25 years ago, commenced manufacturing benches and ottomans using very high quality materials which not only guaranteed durability but also finish and design. The company began in a small way as a family business and gradually with their expertise; hard work and dedication grew into a huge manufacturing unit that started manufacturing wooden furniture for homes and office use with their craftsmen and designers who knew nothing but to create quality comfort for their customers. They started manufacturing various designs for traditional and modern day home themes and catering to the smaller homes and the bigger villas with furniture ranging in different dimensions, sizes and shapes even as their skilful craftsmen added innovative designs to them.  

For all these years, they have given a lot of attention to each and every item they produce, which has to go through a very high standard of quality control. Not only this but their commitment to every customer of theirs has proved fruitful and earned them progress in the furniture market where today they load trucks and supply to the various furniture stores and retail outlets throughout the US. It is not just quality that they boast of but also the art and workmanship that their workers have put into each item to make it into an outstanding product.

Right from the cutting of the fabrics, to the upholstering of the product which includes assembling and making modern and traditional design frames that they will utilize to complete, the final product is goes through scrutiny and quality control before it is packed and dispatched to the customer. It is their workmanship and tailoring that distinguish them as superior manufacturers who will never have to provide any consumer any excuse regarding the quality of the product. They deliver their products always on time.