Living Room Furniture Guide

Occasional Tables FAQs

Occasional tables belong to an elite class of furniture that rank high on attributes like versatility and variable functionality.

What is an occasional table?

It is a small side table primarily used for decorative or artistic purposes. It could be an end table or sofa table; a coffee or lamp table too. Ideally a table too small for any major realistic usage can be termed as an occasional table.

A kitchen table of smaller dimensions than normal isn't referred to as an occasional table as it would always serve the objective of providing a place to eat. However, a colossal coffee table would still be an occasional table as it would benefit for sundry purposes like arranging and stacking up books, etc

What is the use of an occasional table?

The scope of the using an occasional table opens out to a limitless abyss of ideas and methods. You can use it to place a handsome vase filled with fresh and colorful flowers in the living room, bedroom, dining area or lounge.

You can even place aromatic or scented candles atop it in a corner of the living room or bedroom. One may even place it in lobby or passageway to dump out the pocket contents at the end of a day or fling upon it the keys or bills.

It can be covered with a chic table cloth and be placed in the dining space to serve food to the guests in cocktail parties or as a salad stand. An intricate and exquisitely designed occasional table can be used to display showpieces, motifs, memorabilia, mementoes, trophies, lamp shades, etc.

It can act as a side table near beds to keep your alarm clock or night lamp, a few books, a glass of water and a host of other knick knacks.

Where can I buy an occasional table?

In any random furniture shop! As all stores keep occasional tables. They even sell it included in sets so that one is freed from the burden of matching it up with existing furniture. If someone isn't able to buy a proper occasional table to suit his/ her tastes; then he/ she can always order for customized occasional tables as per the specifications given out by them.

What are the materials used to make an occasional table?

An occasional table is available in an array of materials to choose from. Time less wood, contemporary glass, sleek metals, dainty ceramic, cold stones or mixed ones like glass lined up with wood or metals, etc

What are the don'ts that should be followed in case of an occasional table?

Decking up a room with occasional tables may turn into an obsession; it is very important to not get carried away. Too many occasional tables eat away free space, restrict free movement and mess up the scenario.

Rather one occasional table in a relatively small room or about two to three on a spacious room suffice all needs for decoration. Instead of putting up all flashy decorations at once; opt for cycling the genre of on- display items to bring in elements of variety, innovation and surprise for all your guests.

An occasional table is present to live up to your expectations on all occasions. Grab a few for yourself at the earliest!