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Since 10 years Oceanstar with their headquarters based in USA, has been designing home furniture for their wide market in the US. Their manufacturing unit is based in China where the best teak is available from parts of Asia and due to cheap labor: products are manufactured with artistic and intelligent designing at low overheads, thereby making it feasible for the company to offer their product at low cost but of the best quality. The goods are directly shipped from China with no shipping add-ons and reaches the clients door step with the manufacturing guarantee and the head quarters maintenance guarantee.

 Today they are shipping their product all over the world and have increased their team of qualified engineers and designers to meet the requirement of their prospective clients spread around the world. The material used is tested for its originality and then put into production. They have experts stationed at their manufacturing unit who travel around Asia to procure the best quality natural hard wood that would provide durability and strength in their products.

They believe in economics; at first they survey the demand and the choice of their customers and then start innovating new designs and models with their team of experts not only to meet the current requirement but also to foresee the future and create innovative designs. Their motto is to research, plan, produce and serve. With these 4 processes, they have not only gained the confidence of their clients worldwide but also their faith and trust not only in the company but the products that they are provided with. This is the very reason the company stands tall though it is small. With their expertise in wooden products, they have come up with an innovative wooden hamper design that they have introduced in the US market with a promise of exceptional quality and reasonable price.