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Abel Zalcberg a sales representative with his years of experience working with a furniture manufacturer took the opportunity and ventured into furniture wholesale. He would move from offices to business houses with catalogues, book orders and ship the goods to the customers with proper packaging and on time. Always keeping up to his promise of prompt delivery and quality product, he built a name for being reliable amongst his clients. Gradually through his hard work and previous experience, he set up an office and a ware house where he stock inventory for offices, businesses, hospitals and school furniture and created a wide market for this product.  

Today he has a large volume of customers mostly connected with business houses, hospitals, schools and government offices. They are well equipped to furnish any office. Today with their warehouse in Holly Springs, they pack containers of products that are of low volume for e.g. chairs, desks, etc. to all their customers. They are in contract with manufactures based in China, Taiwan and Mexico, for the purpose of designing products and furniture which will carter to the exact standards of the requirements of their clients.

With the proprietors experience of 30 years in the office furniture business, the quality of each piece delivered to their warehouse is checked by him. If even a small defect is noticed, the product is rejected and returned to the supplier with suggestions for improvement. All products are delivered to their warehouse direct from their factories of their providers. Once the goods land at their warehouse each product is physically checked and repacked with perfection for their onward journey to the companys client. Thus as far as quality and manufacturing defect is concerned, the checking is done twice to keep up to the customers expectations of fine product and quick delivery.