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Since 20 years the company has completely evolved itself to provide for babies and teenagers furniture. The family business still continues to do the same but on larger scale with a bigger location at Long Island, where they have a huge warehouse to stock inventory that can last to dispatch orders at least for a week. Any order that they receive from their clients from overseas are dispatched within 3 days. Their specialty is kids convertible beds, bunk beds which are made of strong material with exclusive designs and colors. For small babies they have large variety and designs of cribs, convertible cribs, baby changers and baby organizer and mattress extensions.

 As the furniture they deal in is for babies and youngsters, they offer this furniture in various sizes, shapes and designs that are specially crafted for modern homes. They have intelligent teams that specifically study the childrens themes, their likings and get creative furniture made according to those themes in order to create a wider market amongst teenagers and babies around the world. Each design of theirs is a unique piece and the quality of material used is outstanding due to which every product of theirs is unique and there are never any repetitions in designs. Each product of theirs is distinct, thus you will never find any duplicates of their product.

Being a family business they have worked together as a team and their knowledge and experience has brought them into a level where they can stand up and face any competition in the furniture market. Being a leading company of kids furniture in the country, proudly holding inventory of exclusive designs and quality products which has no comparison, they plan to come up with new innovations as they have now taken in a team of engineers and craftsman who will create new designs for the 21st century.