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This is a family business with experience in the furniture industry for over 40 years. Pangea Home was created in 2002, importing and distributing contemporary and modern furniture all over South America, Canada, Mexico and US. With a strong background in home furnishing, they carefully import those products that are not only of good quality but also can be afforded by the masses. Their family experience and knowledge about the raw material used in furniture has given them an advantage of selecting the right product which will last long. 

With excellent designers and craftsman in their team, they procure traditional and modern day home furniture from overseas to accomplish their mission to provide furniture traders with a wide variety of modern and well-designed affordable pieces. Pangea Home stocks at their warehouse a wide range of home furnishings that come in different dimensions, shapes and sizes that are specially crafted for modern homes in a range of various themes and designs that are functional and can serve not only homes but entertainment centers. They follow the procedure of best customer service and are always ready to customize to the requirement of their huge volume of clients that patronize them. They are capable of redefining your living place into a modern home with affordable and guaranteed products.

They have a system that functions systematically, as soon as they receive an order their dispatch procedure begins. At first the goods that are to be dispatched are re-checked for any manufacturing defects and packed accordingly, to be re-shipped to their clients. All defective articles are rejected and returned to the factories for exchange, but a client will never be shipped an item which has even a little scratch on it. They are always ready to serve you with their best, and always comply with your requirements to make you happy and provide you with affordable and attractive modern furniture.