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Parker Living

Parker Living a division of Parker House has retail showrooms in New Jersey. It has furnished many homes in the USA, showcasing home furniture of over 70 of the top furniture brands, at their showroom. Similar to their family business they give top priority to customer satisfaction and assure you the best quality in furniture. They get their furniture from their parent company and thus middle men are avoided and the products thereby become very cost effective and affordable when compared to other brands. They not only boast of their quality but also of the customer services that they provide which is very effective and have earned them trust amongst buyers. 

With the team of professional sales persons with a friendly attitude, the customers are treated in a very politely with all attempts made to satisfy their demands while making them feel at home in the huge showroom. Each piece is perfectly checked and then packed to be delivered to their clients destination with not only the manufacturers guarantee but also Parkers guarantee that the product will be genuine and durable. If any defect is found in the product, the item is replaced or the amount refunded if it is notified to the company within 24 hours of the product being delivered. This is a very fair deal they offer to each and every customer who visits their showroom.

Parker living offers home furniture that come in an array of classic features, which will distinguish any living area from other brands. Their designs create a deep feeling of tradition and nostalgia that you would always cherish. Their wide and extensive collections of recliners, sectionals and quality sofas have always been affordable and have proved their durability and utility. All this they offer you at the best price with a confirm guarantee about the quality and material of the product.