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Passport Accent Furniture

Mario Russo an immigrant from Palermo, Italy arrived in US and started working making ornamental picture frames. After a few years in association with a manufacturing company he made torchiers, decorative baskets, and a line of decorative floor lamps and shades of mica. In the first quarter of nineteen hundred he founded his own company that made decorated handmade mica shades in New York. 3o years later he imported handcrafted lamps from Italy. In the late 80's his grandson relocated the business and founded Passport Accent Furniture in Virginia. Since then the company has progressed and diversified the manufacturing of handcrafted products.

The younger Mario, a self-made manufacturer, has been producing all the components of his product on his own. His facilities include a comprehensive lampshade program, Permastone, Woodworking and Ceramic production. They have been manufacturing handcrafted leather lamps as one of their signature products. With the skill and training that he received from his older members in the family, today Mario industries has reintroduced a relic of their original designs in lampshades made from genuine mica. The company at present takes pride in being one of the oldest manufacturers of lamps in the country and heads its affiliated companies like Finial Showcase and Masterworks that manufacture and sell lampshades and impressions to over 5000 clients overseas. Arriving virtually penniless in US, this family has grown to be one of the best known lamp makers in the US.

The company owns a huge warehouse cum manufacturing unit where with their team of professional craftsman and designers lamps that turn to be heirlooms are created under the guidance of their proprietor who is a pioneer in this industry. The company ships the orders without any delay and takes proper care to package the goods to avoid any breakage in transit. Each and every product of theirs bares a seal not only of their guarantee but also of their loyalty.