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Peerless Mounts

The company provides innovative mounting solutions for speakers, projectors, monitors, screens, plasmas, LCD, VCR and more. They have been in this industry as leaders in providing audio, video mounting since 40 years, all these years they have focused on quality customer service and providing easy to install functional mounts. They have a comprehensive line of audio, video mounts and all accessories that are required to install them at homes and business houses. With a wide range of products specifically designed to meet customer's specifications and requirement. They have divided their warehouse into two sections where they stock commercial products and home products. 

Peerless Mounts right from the beginning has given utmost importance to precision and quality in their products, so that they are reliable, safe, secure and functional. Their accessories are made of hard steel and is rust proof offering strong support to the fixtures mounted on them. They have a clientele spread over the world both commercial and residential; you will find the installations not only in homes but in training facilities, sports arenas, hotels, health care facilities, offices, universities and schools. They stock a wide variety of mounting solutions, for any type of home application whether you wish to install in your garage, in you exercise room, your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen.

Their team of engineers or mechanics has always kept pace with the developing technology in the world of electronics which has helped them in designing high quality mounts, not only for TVs and plasmas but also for home theatres, computers etc. Peerless has always been and is still striving to improve and develop new products to give their customers something more than other manufacturers have to offer. Their timeless selection and quality products with an addition of prompt delivery and customer service have earned them projects at locations such as airports, multiplexes and huge malls.